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Project Description
Sapit is an implementation of integration patterns and techniques. Included are Cache, Circuit Breaker, Response Time Throttle and Timeout. Apply these to your code using Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP) via Castle Windsor, PostSharp or Unity Application Block. More to come ...

The main purpose of this project is to make it easier to handle external dependencies in a robust and consistent manner.

Inspired by the patterns and techniques described in Michael T. Nygard's excellent book "Release IT!" and other sources, the project includes patterns and techniques that you can apply to your own code just by adding attributes to your methods.

A current limitation is that you are required to use either Castle Windsor, PostSharp or the Unity Application Block to instantiate the classes you apply Sapit to. However, it is quite easy to add support for other Inversion of Control (IoC) containers, so please let me know if you use some other IoC container than the already supported ones.

An other current limitation is that my implementation is not thread safe. I am working on fixing this.

Yet an other current limitation is that I have not tested applying more of the techniques to a single method simultaneously. This is my next goal.

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